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Microlife Worldwide

You will find Microlife products in more than 50 countries. Sales and Marketing subsidiaries in the US, Europe and Asia offer support to our global customer structure.
Production is of course coordinated on a global basis. This assures an important cost and time average. We satisfy local requirements with our know-how, accumulated over many years in different countries and markets, and this directly assists us to effectively satisfy local needs. While this is a great advantage, there is no time for us to rest on our laurels. Only by facing competition day by day, continually developing products and nurturing the ambition to always be the best, we maintain our position at the top. The key for success is research and development, focused on customer needs.


Retomed Health BV
Parellaan 2A
2132 WS  Hoofddorp
Tel. 0031-23-5553025
Fax 0031-23-5577657